10 Oct, 2018

Would you like to work abroad? We are looking for a Nanny in Moscow!

  • English Nanny
  • Novaya Riga
Full time Teaching

Job Details

 nanny is needed for three children (B5, G7, G9) in the Moscow region (Novaya Riga, 20 km from Moscow). The children go to an English school. The family will consider those who live in Moscow and have accommodation as well as candidates who don't live there. 

DUTIES: Teaching English to children, communicating with children, going for a walk, playing with them and helping with homework, looking after them when the parents aren't at home is required.

The parents can be away for the whole day, the candidate is to be ready to do all the required nanny duties (set the table for the mealtime, help kids to get dressed for a walk and take off clothes after the walk , if necessary, bathe before bed, read books, take for a walk, do homework). The girls are  already grownup, they are quire independent and do everything by themselves (only control over them is needed). More often, help is needed with the boy. But the children are educated and restrained.

Teaching English to the mother is also required ( 2-3 times a week, 2-3 hours a day).

SCHEDULE: 3 days a week, Friday from 5 pm till the children go to bed, Saturday and Sunday from 10 am till 10 pm. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are days off. 

LOCATION: 20 km from Moscow, Novaya Riga direction; the family will move to Rublevo-Uspenskoye Schosse in two months.  

SALARY: Negotiable  



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