04 Feb, 2018

natasha gardner

  • Nanny
  • Churchfield Avenue, Caldicot NP26 4ND, United Kingdom
Full time Domestic Childcare

Personal Summary

Iam a fully qualified nursery nurse with my level 3, my recent job roll is a nursery nurse where i Open & close the nursery, iam a full time member in my room, i fill out observations over 6 months and assess the children to see where they are in their development, as a nursery we send home diaries which are filled out by me for the parents to see what the chidlren have been doing,nappies eating habbits etc, i also plan 6 weeks worth of planing activities for the children to do, craft, sensory walks outside etc.
Before i worked here i did 4 seasons with the holiday company Thomson as a nursery nurse, but my sister had a baby and i came home to work.
i have also been a live in private nanny for a famil in bristol looking after a newborn baby until she was 4 months old, i had sole care of the baby, i also helped with cleaning kitchen, emptying dishwasher and sorting out laundary, also took the baby to toddler and baby groups which i enjoyed very much, i loved this job very much i enjoyed it alot.
Before my nanny position i was Deputy Manager of a nursery My duties consisted of working with children from the ages of birth to 4 years old, caring and helping with feeding and changing them.
Before I become deputy manager I was a baby room supervisor, the ages of the children in the room where birth to 2 years, my duties where to provide fun activities, feed and change the babies, follow feeding and sleeping routines and general care of the children.
I am a very enthusiastic person and caring person, I have also done a lot of babysitting for children from the nursery I worked in and I also have done a small bit of childminding, I love being with children and have always wanted to be a nanny since I was young I enjoy thinking of new and fun activities to play with the children.
The children I looked after were the ages of birth to 5 years, I enjoyed working with them, playing and interacting with them, as well as caring a lot for them, the nursery I worked at has recently closed and I have been quite sad as most of the children have been there since they were 6 months old and now are 2 years old I have seen them grow and develop within my job role.
I have worked 2 years in the baby room from birth to 1 half years and i love it, i love children and babies i feel iam very kind caring and loving ,I have 9 years experience working with babies and young children in a nurserys settings and then 4 months of being a nanny and an extra year looking after a child with spina biffida family friends little girl , I have also looked after a little girl for 3weeks at my home while mum went to work.

Work Experience

Nursery Nurse
Dec 2016 - Feb 2018 AppleTree day nursery

Nursery Nurse AppleTree Day Nursery, Redwick Magor

Dec 2016 - April 2017 and September 2016 – Present time

  • Open & close the nursery
  • Fulltime worker in my toddler room
  • Observations
  • Complete a day to day book for parents
  • General care of the children
  • Organise craft sessions
  • Planning monthly activities within the nursery every 6 weeks
  • Reception Duties
Nursery nurse
May 2015 - Sep 2016 Tui

Nursery Nurse Sensatori Resort Ibiza  (Thomson)

Nursery Nurse Sensatori Resort Tenerife

May 2015 – October 2015 (Ibiza) and April 2016-September 2016

  • Looking after children from birth to 12 years
  • Working in a big team, living and socialising together
  • Helping set up a new nursery in brand new resort to Thomson
  • Meeting and liaising with parents gaining there trust whilst signing children in and getting registration forms done
  • Getting paperwork done i.e. weekly paperwork, ordits, health and safety check, shopping lists
  • Weekly deep clean of the nursery, getting all the nursery clean and tidy
  • Preparing snacks for the children
  • Setting up activities that have been differentiated for all age ranges
  • Dealing with unwanted behaviour and upset children, giving parents a phone call after 20 minutes continuously unsettled
  • Providing children with a range of activities were they use all of their senses such as messy play etc, and also at the start planned themed sessions for each day
Dec 2014 - Apr 2015 Crystal Ski

Nanny Crystal Ski France(TUI)s

December 2014 – April 2015

  • Looking after children from birth to 11 years
  • Cooked and prepared healthy meals
  • Provided children with a safe fun stimulating environment
  • Provided fun activities indoors and outdoors
  • General care of the children if babies i.e. preparing bottles, nappies, sleep routines
  • Taking the children to and from ski school
  • Providing the children with a folder of all their work we did within in the week in a small and personal presentation